Coaching for Organisations

Professional Coaching Australia have a panel of professionally qualified coaches who can support your organisation with a range of coaching programs. Our programs are designed to reach the organisation as a whole, across multiple teams and departments, as well as develop a range of individual leadership styles.

PCA Coaching Services for Organisations:

  • Leadership Growth
  • Team Performance
  • Cultural Change
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Style and Communication Coaching

For the Organisation:

Coaching an organisation towards optimum performance and outcomes requires a holistic framework and strategy. We partner with your organisation to implement structural cultural change that aligns with your strategy, goals and outcomes. We then filter back the learning gained through our programs back through the organisation to promote further growth.

Leadership Coaching:

Our coaches understand that leadership can be complicated and will be unique to your organisational culture. We also know that good leadership has a significant impact on performance, and that great leadership can create positive long term impacts for individuals, teams and organisations. We coach your leaders towards leadership goals that benefit the organsation as well as developing their own leadership style.

Team Coaching:

High performance requires collaborative teams that support both the development of the individual whilst bringing out the best for all team members and the company productivity. Professional coaching can help leaders and individual team members to unlock their potential and thereby increase the performance for the whole team.

Areas of Organisational and Professional Development:

  • Achieving consistent high performance
  • Leadership coaching
  • Performance management coaching
  • Outsourcing
  • Aligning people performance with company goals
  • Coach mentoring
  • Staff retention
  • Effective working relationship coaching
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication skills
  • Performance management coaching
  • 360° multi-source feedback

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