Professional Coaching Australia is Licensed to deliver PRINT® – by the Paul Hertz Group, USA – to our clients.  We have chosen this tool as a mainstream coaching tool because of its proven accuracy and the growth strategies it provides for individuals, teams and organisations.

Overview of PRINT®

PRINT® is a profiling tool specifically designed for professionals who want to take their leadership and motivational skills to the next level and obtain the powerful benefits that come with this advanced capability – a more motivated, satisfied and higher performing team that can meet its goals with even greater success. PRINT® was created for organizations that place high value in people, invest in their development and strive to maintain a positive culture. PRINT® expands the leadership toolkit with practical and transformative methods that are only available through The Paul Hertz Group.

PRINT® is unique because of its central focus – to diminish the existence of Shadow Behavior and enhance the presence of Best Self Behavior.

Shadow Behavior has been proven to undermine leadership effectiveness and inhibit otherwise talented professionals from meeting their personal goals, as well as team and organizational goals.  A wealth of research and literature support this claim. There is an unquestionable documented cost associated with Shadow Behavior. For example:

  • Over 65% of performance problems are a result of Shadow Behavior
  • 42% of a manager’s time is spent addressing Shadow Behavior in the workplace
  • In a survey of over a million employees and 80,000 managers, what was found was:
    50% of people voluntarily leave their job because of Shadow Behavior in their boss
  • 90% of people admit they are less productive as a direct result of Shadow Behavior
  • Up to 90% of involuntary dismissals are a result of Shadow Behavior
  • Approximately 70% of executive failures can be attributed to Shadow Behavior
  • Percentage of people who have experienced Shadow Behavior at work: 96%
  • Percentage of people on the receiving end of Shadow Behavior who…
    – get even with the offender: 94%
    – get even with their organization: 88%

The outcome of the PRINT® program is a leader, individual, team or organisation who not only has the ability to stay in Best self, but also knows how to support and foster the Best Self in others.

Copyright © The Paul Hertz Group – ‘PRINT’ and ‘Unconscious Motivators’ are registered trademarks.

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