Career Clarification for Students

We offer a powerful program called “Where to Next?” that creates clarity for teens and students in career choices, subject selection and life choices.


The “Where to Next?” Program

  • A two hour workshop for individuals or with groups of 4 friends
  • Includes a profiling tool
  • Facilitated by a licensed practitioner and coach



  • $250 for individuals
  • $125 for each participant in groups of 4

Where to Next Flyer


My daughter is a different girl since our/her session with you!

She is so positive and excited about her future! We have had the last couple of years as gloom and doom as she nears her final year with not having any idea what she really and truly wants to do, nor not really feeling any passion for anything apart from her dancing which she knows she doesn’t want to do as a career.

She is now excited about having a goal to get to plus feeling great in herself after her meet up with you.

She said ‘Mum, I feel so different, I had no idea what I wanted before meeting Jenny and doing the course, plus all my personality traits I thought were just ‘me or nothing that special’ are!! Plus they are things I can use to pave a career for myself.

I am soooooo happy.. I have a goal! 

So Jenny I cannot thank you enough and I will (have already!) be recommending you and ‘Where to next’ to everyone.

With gratitude. K 

I can’t thank you enough.  Excellent outcome considering where he was at.  I will be recommending your program highly to others.  Cheers, D.


Please contact us to book in to the program.

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