How we work

We partner with your HR department:

We listen to your business needs and develop programs and practices suited to your company. We understand the importance of being able to trust that the coaching services you choose will create value, be delivered professionally and be in alignment with other HR initiatives. We regularly collaborate with HR to remain in alignment with the organisation’s goals.

We achieve results with our Performance Flow program

Performance Flow is a PCA program that efficiently pinpoints where an organisation, team or individual can clear blocks or leverage enhancers to increase their performance. Everyone wants to perform well but research shows that 70% of the workforce aren’t as productive as they’d like to be. The Performance Flow program clears the way for great performance for individuals, teams and organisations. Learn more about Performance Flow here >>

Our coaches are experienced and credentialed

We guarantee our professional and premium quality coaching services by ensuring our coaching panel are correctly trained, qualified and pre-screened. Our coaches have at least 20 years of industry experience and are credentialed by the ICF. Our external coaching support provides confidentiality and trust. If you are looking to create a panel of coaches for your organisation so that your people have a diverse choice we partner with you to create the best panel and then offer quality control over the panel and services. We also provide you with the tools you need to use during the coaching process.

We provide mentoring and supervision for coaching panels

If you are growing internal coaching resources in your organisation, we offer supervision and mentoring to help grow the internal coaches and to support them in providing high quality coaching to your staff. An internal coaching service can improve the performance of your people at an increased rate. Find out more about our mentoring services here >>

Our approach applies Full-Cycle Learning

As we engage in coaching in your organisation we will feed back common themes we hear for use in further learning and development initiatives. We ensure the key coaching topics that emerge are captured and fed back into the learning cycle. This way people are more fully supported and learning is maximised which increases wider performance. Find out more about our coaching services for organisational development here >>

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