About PCA

People : Performance – Retention – Potential

Coaching and Performance Programs for Individuals, Teams and Organisations

Professional Coaching Australia (PCA) unlocks potential in organisations by applying a coaching philosophy designed to increase performance in individuals, teams and organisations. Our programs are designed in partnership with the organisation and are aligned to corporate vision, values and strategies. Our company was formed in order to offer clients the highest level of service and care in corporate coaching.

Our vision:
To support organisations to be places where people flourish and performance potential is realised.

Our mission:
To be recognised as preferred business partners in helping organisations and their people reach full potential.

Our purpose:
To provide professional coaching and programs that unlock individual, team and organisation performance.

Our values:
Our business is small, personal and focused on serving and creating value for our clients and community. We are resourceful and ensure that each engagement is performed with efficiency and respect for our client’s budgets. We strive for the highest level of coach training and credentialing in order to offer the highest level of care for our clients.  We value close and trusting relationships and know that people are of highest importance in all that we do.


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